Paper 2 Criteria

Paper 2 Questions

Paper 2 checklist

Paper 2 criterion tips

Criterion A
Identify the social/ethical issue by using appropriate terminology/ identify the stakeholder
Criterion B
step by step description of the IT process from the article and beyond and show the examiner that you know the IT system and its main components. Make sure to have Input, process and output. Use a lot of IT terms.
For the second part relate the ethical concern you mentioned in A by saying: "As mentioned in criterion A..." describe the relationship with the IT system
Criterion C
Should be in an essay format, start with an introduction that mentions all the stakeholders you want to talk about. Seperate your paragraphs with blank lines and make sure to have proper positive and negative impacts analysis in every paragraph. Make sure to use examples, facts, quots from article, "as mentioned in the article", and IT/ITGS terms. In C you should analyse ethical and social problem.
In the conclusion state one major problem that you are going to solve in D.
Criterion D
"As mentioned in C the problem is..." you state the problem than you say "I believe a feasible solution can be..." mention it and answer the question . How is this solution going to solve the problem?. Then you say "But" that solution has some limitations and you describe them...Then you come with future development to solve those problems.
Other tips
Read first time in 5mn
Read second time and highlight, underline and refer to criteria
Don't go Off Cource OC
Plan for your answer and list all the terms that come to your mind related to the IT system
Think beyond the article
Refer back to the article